don't wanna cry.

1. července 2017 v 15:54 | S c a r s |  droplets of creativity

Gray Rain Cloud Watercolor

There is something about the rain that makes me anxious.

You can feel sultry air filling your lungs, almost making you choke on the spot. And when the rain comes, it comes with relief. The warmth never leaves your skin, not cold enough to make you shiver.

But sometimes, it's not like that. The kind of rain that makes your skin goes cold and letting the feeling through your bones. There is not single warmth comes with it. Only stiffness in your limbs.

You are washing away the warmth in me. Just like the rain. You are sinking through my bones, deeper than any raindrop can. You making me choke on thoughts that I haven't said out loud. Unspoken wishes, that would never be fulfilled.

There is never rain with you that comes with relief

and I


idk what im doing anymore. i just really love this song and it sort of gave me this idea and i know it sucks but whatever.


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"There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts." Neil Gaiman

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