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celý víkend jsem strávila nad třízením povídek ve čtečce, abych si ujasnila, co vlastně stojí za to, aby bylo zmíněno a co vlastně vůbec ne. a nebudu vůbec lhát, když řeknu, že právě díky tomu jsem většinu četla znova. nicméně jsem ale s výběrem spokojená. horší byla samotná úprava článku. please, read tags, it's important. also veškeré povídky jsou směrované na členy bts. v tomto případě spíše pouze na yoongiho a jimina. povídky s dalšími členy chystám až příště.

tear the moon from the stars tonight by euphoriae

#Historical AU #Slave!Jimin #Noble!Yoongi #slow burn #smut #this fic is gold #one of my truly faves #no regrets

"Remember what I told you. You are mine now and I take care of my things." Joseon Era AU: Jimin, a low born, catches the attention of nobleboy Min Yoongi.

Impressions (don't let them fade) by frevan

#1880s Paris #Impressionist painters #bit angsty or more like yoongs keep underestimates himself #slow burn #smut #but so so good

For the first time since coming to Paris, Yoongi knew what to paint. It was sitting across the room, cheeks flushed, downing the last dregs of a drink. 1880's Paris Impressionist painters AU where Yoongi is an uninspired artist and Jimin is his inspiration. Because honestly, who wouldn't wanna paint him?

#Friends to Lovers #badboy!yoongi #soft confused!jimin #smut

Jimin is getting ready to sleep his summer away now that all his friends have left for college except for him. That is, though, until he meets Yoongi. A boy two years older than him from the city, who has been kicked out by his parents and is now living with his aunt. Because of Yoongi Jimin learns more about himself in one summer than he has his entire life.

Boyfriend Tag by wildfl0w3r

#Established Relationship #First Meetings #cute bickering #no smut tho #like really no smut but they are fucking cute like i CANNOT

"Normally I post dance routines and the occasional tag or challenge video and I know I haven't posted in a while so I am here to make it up to you all. Yoongi lost a bet sooooo we are here with the highly requested, boyfriend tag!!" Jimin yelled making Yoongi wince and lean away from him. "Are you ready?" Jimin asked bringing his attention to Yoongi. "You better not get a thing wrong," He warned pointing a finger at Yoongi.

where worlds collide and days are dark by sassyneki

#Hitman AU OT7 #Action #Angst #blood and violence #no smut tho i think #i don't really remember this one but i think i was good?

"Yoongi-hyung, what are you thinking about?" "How to dispose of all your bodies once I've killed you." Two years ago, Yoongi swore he would leave and never turn back. But he's always been a bit of a hypocrite. And so he picks up the pistol again and braces himself for the worst. (Hitman!AU)

Hey There, Guitar Man by theghostofminyoongi

#warped tour #live performances #Hickies #smut #lol #really like this au #like yoongi is meant to be for rock show

Warped Tour is very fuckin' grueling and Jimin just wants to leave and go home, but then he sees an angelic looking guitarist and he decides he should stay a little longer.

You Make My Palms Sweat by heukhaneul

#College/University AU #Awkward Crush #Partying #Jimin is really awkward af #its like 'hey lets fuck' but then he just throws up in yoongs car #pure LOL

Jimin is definitely not crushing on his best friend's other friend's best friend.

Boys who Talk Shit™ by internetpistol

#College/University AU #fluff and crack #OT7 #eventual smut

When Yoongi enrolled in BTS (aka Boys who Talk Shit) Boarding School, he wasn't really expecting to be the only 'straight' (to be read sarcastically) guy in a room of seven geniuses (aka children aged five to ten, honestly). Plus four pet spiders. Yes, plural. Chaotic episodes in A Place of Love and War, where Yoongi learns all about True Love via Park Jimin, Music and Marriage. Sort of. Brain bleach and ear plugs are strongly recommended.

Side Dishes by Elemir

#Actor AU #Yoongi doen't really like Jimin #idk if there is a smut but it's good tho

Yoongi is Korea's most famous actor. He's kissed so many pretty girls that he doesn't know what love is supposed to feel like anymore. And then he meets rookie actor Park Jimin.

when you're in love all the lines get blurred by jflawless

#Fake/Pretend Relationship #cute af #no smut # but still really fucking cute #Jimin is dumb shit but Yoongz loves him anyway #lots of bonus chapters

Jimin isn't sure what possessed him to lie to his mother and tell her that he had a boyfriend, but now that he's opened the position, he has no choice but to fill it. Yoongi is, apparently, his only option.

not crying on a sunday by abucketofchicken

#coming of age #small town #homophobia #slow burn #self-denial #yoongi doen't know what to do with himself #this fic fucking broke my heart #this fic has sequel but it's not finished yet

Min Yoongi lives in a small town with nothing but his little band of friends and basketball every Thursday until something enters his life in the form of a Park Jimin. Sure he's nothing but a timid little guy at first, but slowly Yoongi learns that the arms wrapped around his waist in every bicycle ride on the way home means more to the both of them.

Craigslist Date by springrain21

#Fake/Pretend Relationship #Mutual Pining #Strangers to Lovers #humor

Min Yoongi's family are judgmental and unsupportive of his lifestyle and his mother won't stop nagging him about how he's still single. When he finds Park Jimin on Craigslist offering to pose as someone's fake date to mess with their family, Yoongi can't help himself.

pull me closer in the backseat of your by moonsuns

#College/University AU #friends with benefits AU #i think it was bit angsty

Jimin had just wanted to get off. He didn't think he'd end up with a boyfriend at the end of it all. Or, another friends with benefits AU.

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"There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts." Neil Gaiman

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